Help with level collider

i have a character that walks and can jump with basic controls. i also have created a wide cube for the floor, but when i put down a normal cube with a box collider for a wall, it doesnt block me i just walk through it and it jumps straight to the top of the wall. i can walk on top of it and if i rotate it i can walk on it but it wont block me when i walk into it from the side its abit hard to explain i will do a video if you need thanks

One step to fixing your problem is to fix your punctuation. Seriously, people will help you solve your problems, but you have to make it as easy to understand as possible.

Are you using pure script for movement?

If so, try using a Character Controller, sometimes objects can bug through each other when using only script to control the movement.

Try this, if it doesn’t work check this out: simple character controller script