help with lists inside lists

Greetings. I’m very new to c# (I have some experience with PHP as I’m working as a backend developer but new to c#)

I would like to make a list inside a list and then add to it.

I have this code:

public class ColorToPrefab {
    public Color color;
    public GameObject prefab;   
   public float yPosition = 0f;

  public ColorToPrefab (Color c, GameObject p, float yp) {
        color = c;
        prefab = p;  
       yPosition = yp;

public class Images {
    public Texture2D map; 
    public List<ColorToPrefab> colorMappings = new List<ColorToPrefab> ();

    public Images (Texture2D m, List<ColorToPrefab> cM) { 
           map = m;
           colorMappings = cM;


public class getfiles : MonoBehaviour {

public List<ColorToPrefab> colortoprefab = new List<ColorToPrefab>();

public List<Images> images = new List<Images>();

void Start() {
       GameObject prefab = (GameObject)Resources.Load ("corner");

       Texture2D texture = (Texture2D)Resources.Load ("Level/floor_1_corners");

       colortoprefab.Add (new ColorToPrefab(new Color(255,0,0,255),prefab,20));

       images.Add (new Images (texture, new ColorToPrefab(new Color(255,0,0,255),prefab,20)));


So my problem is: Everything is working fine with the colortoprefab, but with images I’m getting an rror no matter how I try. The first testure parameter is good, it has problems with the second parameter.

I get this error:

Assets/getfiles.cs(54,15): error CS1502: The best overloaded method match for `Images.Images(UnityEngine.Texture2D, System.Collections.Generic.List)’ has some invalid arguments

Assets/getfiles.cs(54,36): error CS1503: Argument #2' cannot convert ColorToPrefab’ expression to type `System.Collections.Generic.List’

Can you please help me?


        images.Add (new Images (texture, new List<ColorToPrefab>() { new ColorToPrefab(new Color(255,0,0,255),prefab,20) }));

Thank you sooooooo much! Works like a charm!