Help with making a water shader receive light

Hey guys!

First off I am fairly new to working with shaders so help is much appreciated. I am currently trying to make the simple water specular shader only receive its color and lighting from point lights but as it uses an emit value it always maintains a certain color although there might be no lights present. This is also the case with the normal built-in water but I am not sure what is causing it to emit the color in that perticular shader.

As you can see the water is still visable although there are no lights inside the tunnel. If I however turn off the emissive color it turns completely black which I don’t want but then receives my desired lighting .

I am using a modified Simple Water shader that includes specularity which I got from here:

I don’t mind if you use the built-in simple water shader to help me out as long as it fixes the lighting.

I hope you guys can help me out.

Hi. Open the shader and make folowing edits in “surf” function:

    o.Normal = bump;
    o.Albedo = col;   //<-* to modify
	o.Alpha = 1;
//	o.Emission = col; //<-* to delete