Help with my script

I have a very rudimentary view of scripts (in the middle of learning) but what I do know I used to make this one. I was wondering if some one could help me in figuring out how to make it so if i hold down W it stays moving instead of having to keep pressing the button. Dose it have something to do with Input.GetButtonDown? Oh and its Javascript.

function Update () 
{	if (Input.GetButtonDown ("W"))

		transform.Rotate( 5, 0, 0);
	if (Input.GetButtonDown ("S"))

		transform.Rotate( -5, 0, 0);
	if (Input.GetButtonDown ("A"))

		transform.Rotate( 0, 0, 5);
	if (Input.GetButtonDown ("D"))

		transform.Rotate( 0, 0, -5);

	if (Input.GetButtonDown ("E"))

		transform.Rotate( 0, 5, 0);
	if (Input.GetButtonDown ("Q"))

		transform.Rotate( 0, -5, 0);

	if (Input.GetButtonDown ("R"))

		transform.Translate( 0, 0, 1);
	if (Input.GetButtonDown ("F"))

		transform.Translate( 0, 0, -1);


You want to use this:

Also, multiple your numbers by Time.deltaTime… this will make the movement smooth.