Help with Path Finding in my game.

The AI is going to be the most difficult-to-code part of my game, and the path-finder script is going to be the most difficult-to-code part of the AI -And i have absolutely no idea how to begin coding my path finder…

Where do i begin with path finding? My game is completely FP 3D. So height is a big deal. (dealing with stairs and what not). What do i need to factor in? How do i detect and generate paths? How do i make AI follow that path?

I know this is a somewhat complicated matter, so I’m just asking for the basics -i should be able to figure it out from there.

Thank you, in advance!
-Tristen Horton

If you wish to write your own pathfinding system you should read up on A* (A-Star) pathfinding algorithm.
Here’s a couple o’ links

If you’re more in a hurry, the A* Pathfinding Project has a free package of which you can use. Though this wont deliberatly teach you how to make your own system for other non-unity projects