Help with Photon Network Functions C#

Hi, can anyone tell me the functions that exists in Photon Network in C#?

Here’s the complete list about the function i know:

  • OnJoinedLobby
  • OnCreatedRoom
  • OnJoinedRoom
  • OnLeftRoom
  • OnReceivedRoomList
  • OnReceivedRoomListUpdate
  • OnConnectedToPhoton
  • OnDisconnectedFromPhoton
  • OnFailedToConnectToPhoton
  • OnConnectedToMaster
  • OnMasterClientSwitched
  • OnPhotonPlayerConnected
  • OnPhotonPlayerDisconnected
  • OnPhotonInstantiate
  • OnPhotonSerializeView

Thanks in advance.

If you have the Photon suite, you can go to Window>Photon Unity Networking (or Alt+P) and toward the bottom of the popup window click “Open PDF” all of the PUN API calls are detailed in there.

I think this page might have all enums and messages in photon: