HELP with respawn point scripting

Using the default "orb" enemy that unity gives you for the 3d shooter example, i made a respawn point with this:

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;

public class EnemySpawn : MonoBehaviour {

public string pointName;

public Vector3 point;

public GameObject entity_type;

public int defaultLeash;

public List<Object> entity_list;

public float spawnTimer, spawnTimeout, clampX, clampZ;

public int xRange, zRange, spawnCount;

void Start () {
    point = transform.position;
    defaultLeash = 20;
    spawnTimer = 0.0f;
    spawnTimeout = 5.0f;
    spawnCount = 5;

void Update () {

    spawnTimer += Time.fixedDeltaTime;

    if (spawnTimer > spawnTimeout && entity_list.Count < spawnCount)
        clampX = Random.Range(point.x - xRange, point.x);
        clampZ = Random.Range(point.z - zRange, point.z);
        entity_list.Add(Instantiate((Object)entity_type, new Vector3(clampX, point.y, clampZ), new Quaternion()));
        spawnTimer = 0.0f;



All the orbs do is hit the ground firing randomly, rather than floating and tracking me like they are supposed to... is this a problem with the respawn point or with the orb script??? HELP!!!

Definitely with the orb script, there's nothing in the spawn script that affects how the orb behaves.