Help With "Scripting"

Hello, I’m am obviously new to Unity. My problem is that everyone keeps saying, “Oh, just take this javascript and add it to your GameObject or your terrain”. Example: some one says," Use the RaiseHeightmap script on the wiki to raise the entire heightmap, so that you have space to dig down." So I make a new javascript (that’s easy enough), then things go bad. First, I get this on MonoScript, when I’m expecting to find a blank template:

#pragma strict

function Start () {


function Update () {


     What am I supposed to do? I've tried YouTube Tuts., Unity Answers, everything I know of.

 If you need more details please ask, THANK YOU!!!

Well … I do not have direct link for third person mmo tutorial but its on the support in unity page or just google it . For terrain… you do not need to do heightmaps script unity already take’s care of this for you… I’n less you would like to do so… you could just use the terrain editor … Instead of script here USE GOOGLE : AND YOUTUBE

A plenty of free tutorials and scripts and I feel you man !

I make tutorials as well I have over 4 hrs on my google + starting from what a var even is :slight_smile:

Do not go for MMO : Dream mmo not go mmo ! I suggest :slight_smile: It’s not just coding the mmo even for that matter… its running a mmo… need alot of people … I suggest studying buisness before jumping to something like that because you need servers : agents : clients MODS : system network administrator’s … MMO is a product that is always being update based upon player review it a huge step if you have never made a video game before… I would think ONLINE: NOT Massive multiplayer

I ’ am not saying give up i’m am giving advice on you’re journey threw programming into what you dream :slight_smile: Good luck