Help with small scripts. Probably typo.

There are console errors :


Assets/IgracGlavno.js(13,13): BCE0043:
Unexpected token: allTargets.

Assets/IgracGlavno.js(13,46): BCE0043:
Unexpected token: ).

Assets/IgracGlavno.js(15,32): BCE0044:
expecting }, found ‘=’.

Assets/IgracGlavno.js(15,33): UCE0001:
‘;’ expected. Insert a semicolon at
the end.

Assets/IgracGlavno.js(20,1): BCE0044:
expecting EOF, found ‘}’.

This is script:

var range:float;
var damage:float;

function Attack(){

	//enable either one of this
	layerMask=3<<8; //target both land and air
	//~ layerMask=1<<8; //target land unit only
	//~ layerMask=1<<9; //target air unit only

	var allTargets:Collider[]=Physics.OverlapSphere(transform.position, range, layerMask);
	for(allTargets:Collider in allTargets)

What is wrong?

You shouldn't be defining 'allTargets' twice (which is what you are doing in that for statement). Instead, I think you want this-

for(target : Collider in allTargets)

given that you later call 'target.gameObject'- and I'm not seeing where else that 'target' thing would come from.

Also, I'm fairly certain you need a 'var' in front of targetCon.