Help with starting a level manager

I am trying to figure out how to make a level manager but can’t seam to figure it out I get how I want it but can’t put it in code I was hoping some one would be nice enough to help an or advise

So I have a panel with a button
I need away to store all my levels I have and when the level select scene is loaded the levels will read from a list and create a button with the information such as level name I then need to be able to click the button and it will load the correct level and if that level is then completed level 2 will unlock, I want to try and avoid player prefs as I’m working on my own save method

That was the idea I had but wasn’t sure if it was a good way or not, I have been trying different ways and just can’t figure it out any help would be amazing to get me started. I don’t know java only c#

Ok, first of all, if you want to know how to make a good GameManger/LevelManager basics, the nhave a look at this:

You can save all your levels on a single GameObject and keep that object throughout all your levels. Your save/load function can simply done via json/text file read/write, so you can keep track of which levels are unlock. There is a some security risks associated, however, if you want to stop people from touching that file you can simply encrypt it:

Hope this is a good start for you! If you have more specific questions just ask.

I have now solved this thanks for your reply though :slight_smile: