Help with sticky FP controller script

Hi all,
Im in need of some guidance please! I want to create floating levels. They are made up of cubes. I have an FP controller. Say a path is 4 cubes in a row, edge to edge in a straight line, when the player reaches the end of the line of cubes the player will rotate 90 degrees and move onto the adjacent side of the end cube.Then again when the player moves forward they move to the underside of the cubes.
I was thinking that I could tag the specific cubes that allow the player to transition to another side. Maybe when the player moves off the edge of such a cube, a check is performed and the player rotated to the new orientation. Any idea of the best way of doing this? Ideally Id want a smooth transition, so a player can stop pressing the movement key at any time and the rotation and movement stops and continues when the player presses the forward key.
Cheers :smiley:

Get rid of the FP controller. It would need very hacky code to prevent him from falling down.
Write your own controller, which also adheres to your new rules, i.e. waking over edges and not being pulled down by gravity etc.

Another challenging part is to know when you can cross edges. It’s probably best to configure this on the blocks themselves, but then you need to know on which block you currently are - maybe you’re on the last block you touched(Collision).
And you need to make sure the corners work… and that if you can cross an edge, but there’s a block next to your current block, you actually continue to walk on that block and not rotate around the edge etc.