Help with textures and models in Unity.

Hello everyone, I have an issue regarding textures.

alt text

I don’t understand why my textures do not show up. Here’s an example of what my materials look like, lets take this guy’s shirt for example…

alt text

alt text

I simply need the images applied to the materials to show up on the model. I can’t seem to find a solution to this problem. Even upon opening Unity 5 for the first time, it has done this to models.

I’m thinking there is an issue with my model export, or something because the Prefab “Ethan” shows up very clearly with textures and all. Is there something I’m missing when appplying textures?


model and texture in lightwave

export FBX

import into unity

locate all materials

apply images to materials


Continuing work on this, messing with the shaders was my best option. also one key component.

Instead of relying on modeler’s surface editor, I realized, I had to make UVs for the entire model, even if those UVs were messy. I then applied my surface image to the Albedo base in the standard shader.

So its seems to my knowledge anyway, it’s either UVs or nothing when it comes to image surfaces. I’m still new to unity so that is worth noting.