Help with the Music System

Please help me, how can I insert Music and sounds into my game? Here is the link to my game World Exploration

What kind of music do you suggest to be in it since it's a game as it is? Please help me with this Hehe :D

Read up on AudioSource, AudioClip, and AudioListener. Also, check out some tutorials (e.g. the platformer tutorials available on the Unity site, assuming it works with the version of Unity you're using), as most general tutorials will cover basic sound playback.

If you run into problems, you can post back here (or on the forums) with any specific questions you have.

Create an empty object (ctrl+shift+n) and click component->audio->audio soure. the assing a sound in the assets folder.(you may nee to move a sound in to the assets folder first) if this does not work drag the sound gizmo closer to the camera or turn up the speakers

Ok, it's a bit quiet but it works thx