help with this script [2]

i need help with this scropt : i want that xtarget/ytarget aren’t 10 , but the player rotation start :

private var xtargetRotation:float=10;
private var ytargetRotation:float=10;
var xSensitivity:float=10;
var ySensitivity:float=10;
var smoothing=2;
var min=-60;
var max=60;
function Update () 
var yAxisMove:float=Input.GetAxis("Mouse Y")*ySensitivity; // how much has the mouse moved?
ytargetRotation+=-yAxisMove; // what is the target angle of rotation
ytargetRotation=ytargetRotation % 360;
var xAxisMove:float=Input.GetAxis("Mouse X")*xSensitivity; // how much has the mouse moved?
xtargetRotation+=xAxisMove; // what is the target angle of rotation
xtargetRotation=xtargetRotation % 360;

so , i put player at rotation x : (9) y : (6) z : (0) and i want that the xtarget/ytarger are (9)/(6) understand ??

For original transform, cache the transform in the player Start() script

var startingTransform : Transform;

function Start()
      startingTransform = transform;

as long as you don’t update startingTransform it will contain a ‘Snapshot’ of whatever was in transform at the time the player was started.

Use startingTransform.position and startingTransform.rotation for the original values.