Help with Unity photon multiplayer turn base fighting system.

I am having trouble making a turn base multiplayer fighting system using Photon Network. I am wondering how I go about calling a specific client on the server’s turn. If I make like a combatManager script that calls each player’s turn (using rpcs), what I believe is happening is its just a local script that runs on each player’s game. How can I make a global network level combat script that calls each client’s turn in the game. My players are joining the same server and everything. Any help would be much appreciated as I have been stuck on this issue for some time.

In PUN, you can’t create a server-side script but you can do something that’s very analog: Create a script that only runs on one client. This is usually the Master Client.

In PUN you can check: PhotonNetwork.isMasterClient. It’s only true on one client per room and that could do extra tasks.

In the PUN package, also take a look at the scripts InRoomRoundTimer and MatchTimer. Both handle timing in a room.