Help with unity

Hey guys, i have a little problem, i am a mere graphic designer with enough programming know how to make a working calculator which sucks. The problem is i have what i think is a really good idea for an rpg. after doing my research i concluded unity3d was the best program to make it with but have had no luck. it seems like many people on here know what they are talking about, so i was wondering if anyone could suggest a possible solution for me?

It depends on what your ambition is, and how you intend to approach this. If you intend to create this yourself and you have modest programming skills, then a full-blown RPG is way too big of a project to undertake. There’s a reason trained programmers are often well-paid industry professionals, and that video games are a multi-million-dollar investment developed over months and often years, by fully-staffed houses of artists, designers and hard-core mathematicians. A lot of people that stumble on Unity need to understand that the problem it solves is the high barrier of entry; it makes it easier for indie-developers to get started. But it doesn’t make Triple-A games jump out of nowhere. This remains a daunting task.

So, what am I really saying? I’m saying this:

  • If you want to program an RPG on your own, arm yourself with patience, and start out with something much, much smaller. Re-invent Space Invaders, or create a totally simple hack’n’slash with one, square scene where the only objective is to butcher as many enemies as possible, and all graphics are 2D-sprites. Something like that. Go simple, and you’ll find the experience much more rewarding, and you’ll be more motivated to continue. It’s better to meet with success in creating something small, than frustration and despair when failing to go large.
  • If you want to enlist the help of a trained programmer to help you carry out your idea quicker, Unity has a forum for that. Head over to Collaboration:

Here, you can advertise your idea and join up with others.