help with uvw's

I have heard that unity only supports 2 uvw’s. And i am making a game that allows you to customize your character(Hands, Chest, Legs, and feet). So i am trying to keep it simple so when you equip an item it will just change the desired Texture. Is there any idea on how to work with this…Having multiple uvw’s so i can modify my character looks ingame.

I had an idea that maybe i am able to take the multiple textures and uv’s and combine them together to form one, if that is possible i would also save some fps.

or is there a better idea??

I have found an answer to my problem…if any of you guys need help with this theres a solution

have only one uvw map. save the map with everything mapped and then open it in photoshop then cut out the parts you dont want to show in the editor like make it transparent, then make sure you have an alpha channel in your photoshop Texture, last save it into a .png file and import it into unity.

create a material in the hierarchy then apply the texture into the material

then use it for whatever you need

If you are changing textures you only need one UV set. Then load different textures.