Help With Web game

Hi guys, I have been trying to figure out how to upload my unity game to a website. I think I have done it but I get a curious "error." I am using and wanted to try to put a game on using web player. But, not exactly sure how to do it. I ended up making a link to the file which opened into a new tab that shows the page. The only problem is, it says that I have to download the web player before I can use it, even though I already have it. here is a link..

Just click on the "WebPlayer.html" link under title. any ideas? It seems to work fine if I run it out of the first folder on my computer. Meaning the URL looks sorta like this...


So if there is something to make it play, or a reason it doesn't know I have the web player already installed. Tell me :)

It might be the whole webs thing. A lot of free web hosts dont recognize unity3d files, or something of the sorts... I don't fully understand it... Maybe try free, and I believe they work.

Maybe someone else will be able to help you further, but just giving my 2 cents.