Help With Zombie Survival?

Alright, Advanced Unity Users, I really need your help. This was absolutely my last resort, but I have searched everywhere, and I can’t find ANYTHING! I know some of you can help me. I am making a zombie survival game, but not with the normal kill-everything-in-sight principle, and I’m working on a team. The game won’t just be shoot everything, you can also hunt for ammo, food, water, etc. (Because you can only live for so long without it.) You can also just explore/survive, though. Don’t say “you can’t do that!” I’m tired of that, that’s why this was my last resort. I have worked with other games/codes, but this is my first major project. Anyway, how should I start this (besides 3D models, textures, etc.) If you don’t know, are there any tutorials you can point me towards? That would be really helpful. Please don’t be jerks, I’ve had enough of that. Thanks in advance.

There are a lot of things to be covered before you can just make a full fledged Zombie game.

You need character movement, and all sorts of stuff. Is there anything you need SPECIFICALLY ?

Google and the search function is your friend here…if you want to implement the weapon(s) system, search for that and learn from tutorials you’ll find. Download the FPS tutorial, complete tutorial, and adapt it to your own use. You’re not going to find tutorials that show you specifically want you want to accomplish; you’re going to have to search and apply the knowledge to your own project. Also, most tutorials I’ve found for Unity are video tutorials, it just doesn’t make much sense to have a text and/or image tutorial, when in a video you can see exactly what the person is doing. Here are some links that will help you:

Dastardly Banana FPS Constructor

Unit FPS Tutorial

Zero FPS Scripts