Helpful resources for machine learning: Kaggle, Google Colab, Tensorflow, Pytorch

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Just thought I’d share some helpful machine learning resources. If you are interested in the more technical side of machine learning such as training models or creating your own models. (i.e. more than just downloading pre-trained models).

There is a good machine learning community here called Kaggle. There are machine learning competitions and lots of models you can train online.

Also there is Google Colabs where you can also train models online using python then convert them to ONNX to download to run in Sentis.

Both these resources have a free tier where you can train models using up about 14MB RAM.

Currently most modern models are written using pytorch (created by Meta) which has overtaken tensorflow (v1 and v2) (created by Google) as it’s much easier to use. The models can then be converted to ONNX with the torch.onnx library or tf2onnx respectively.


Thanks, this is relevant!

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