hexagon, ps cs5 and unity, how to design objects with textures?

i have photoshop cs5, hexagon and unity and now i want to design some detailed objects with textures… but how do i do that? i want to create detailled textures for an special object but i dont know how, need help… thanks

Basically, you have to use UV mapping on a 3d model object to make it have a texture. Start with that on a Hexagon forum: http://www.geekatplay.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1067

Once you’ve done that you have to import that UV texture into unity (unless it finds the texture and self-imports). Press Asset → Import New Asset to get a new asset into unity (it takes almost any imaginable file type). Once you’ve done that, apply the texture to the object if it isnt already or find the material and attach it if it isn’t already.

Here is a pretty good introduction: 05. Importing Models - Importing in Unity - YouTube