Hey guyz how can i make a character (3rd Person) get in a physics driven car. Is there a script for that i'm really bad at scripting...... Please help

It must make you see the character in the car then it getz out pliz help

I believe the way I would try to execute this is to set the character as a child of the car then set the position of the character to a pre-determined spot (vector3) in the car that makes him look like he is sitting in the driver’s seat.

how to set the parent of a gameobject’s transform:

how to set the position of a gameobject’s transform:

Alternatively, you could create an empty gameobject in the car on the driver’s seat, set the character as a child of that gameobject, then zero the position.

Either way, you would probably have to disable your character controls on the player, and enable them on the car. Which is rather simple.
See here:

GetComponent("CharacterControllerComponentNameHere").enabled = false;

Alternatively, alternatively, you could have a car model that looks like there’s a character in the driver’s seat, you could destroy your empty car and instantiate a car with driver in it’s place. This would be a little messier and complex. You would have to reassign your camera, player control script etc in this case.

Thankz that helped a lot…