Hey! how to connect two objects? So to make one?

Hey! how to connect two objects? So to make one? answer other how can I made cubes and lines, a house to make the building as a single valid?


From the menu choose `CreateObject > Create Empty` and then drag the objects that you want to combine into it from `Hierarchy`. The newly created object can be as complicated as you wish.

Now if you want to use that object many times in your project it's better to convert it to a Prefab.

Here is how to do it (directly taken from Unity Manual):

To fill the `Prefab`, you use a `GameObject` that you've created in the scene.

  1. Choose `Assets->Create->Prefab` from the menu bar and name your new `Prefab`.
  2. In `Hierarchy View`, select the `GameObject` you wish to make into a `Prefab`.
  3. Drag & drop the `GameObject` from the `Hierarchy` onto the new `Prefab` in `Project View`.

After you have performed these steps, the `GameObject` and all its children have been copied into the Prefab data. The `Prefab` can now be re-used in `multiple` instances. The original GameObject in the `Hierarchy` has now become an instance of the `Prefab`.

There is a script that can combine meshes too, you only need to do that Lipis said, and then attach the CombineChildren script to the empty parent…

So drawing roads over an entire map requires this kind of pain in the butt workaround all the time? I thought I could just drag out end to end objects like road tiles like any other drawing program. This is nuts!!!


I just placed about 1000 road tiles end to end to create a road through the desert and the program crashed!!! I lost all my work. This program stinks!!!