Hi all. I am new to unity. And the problem is with the FPS of my scene.

My scene includes a plane made in unity.
A cow made in maya.
4 Hills made in maya.

I want to move my cow by A* algo. I have downloaded the A* algo from here Get Started With The A* Pathfinding Project - A* Pathfinding Project .
The Algo works fine for cube and cylinders but if i attach it to my cow my FPS goes low approx 2 to 3.

In the above A* there is a option Next Waypoint Distance if i set it 3, the cow doesn’t move but FPS is 250 to 450.
And if i set Next Waypoint Distance to 5 or above, the cow doesn’t move and FPS goes down to 2 to 4.
Don’20338-screen-shot-2014-01-07-at-6.13.53-pm.jpgt know why please help.

I have attached the screenshots.

Thanks in advance. And Sorry for my English.

Hi Priyanshi,
I think your maya model mesh is too complex. Try to mark your mesh collider as Convex. If it won’t work then try making your own colliders.

Mesh Colliders very expensive for pathfinding algoritims. You can make your own colliders by putting box colliders to your cow model. To do this: first, create empty game object and add collider component to it. (Add Component/Physics/Box Collider) You can add few box collider depending on your model’s shape.) then position it on your model. Your custom colliders should be parent your model. Then deactive mesh collider in inspector.

Remember: “Usually, two Mesh Colliders cannot collide with each other. All Mesh Colliders can collide with any primitive Collider. If your mesh is marked as Convex, then it can collide with other Mesh Colliders.”