hi!does any know how to make an endless track

my head is burning now … please help me out :cry: … how do we create endless road. what i am doing is, i have created three objects which are path1, path2, path3 prefabs, what i want is just to repeat the paths randomly to make the endless randomly generated path. when my game start it randomly pick the path and third person start running on it,… i tried it OnTriggerEnter function to instantiate the prefab path

#pragma strict

var prefabs: Transform;

 function OnTriggerEnter(){
 	Instantiate (prefabs);


it create the prefeb but its not like never ending and we create the position by ourself. kindly help plz … Thanx

On the start of the layout I would create a road of maybe 3 or 4 straight paths (depending on how long your road pieces are) and then calculate how long it takes for the person to run one of the roads and then create a function that creates a random number between 0 and 2. Depending on what number has been chosen, a road segment is created at the correct position. Instead of timing how long it would take to run a road segment you could put an invisible cube that detects collision and calls a function that does what I wrote above. To save RAM, you can delete the road segments that hit a gameobject behind the running player.