Hi guys why do I got this error?

I’m using Photon component and I don’t understand why do I got this error massages. And there’s a bug too in master client you are able to see all of the clients but if you’re a client you cannot see the master client. Can someone help me with this?

However, here are some troubleshooting tips for working with Photon and resolving common issues:

Check the Photon documentation: Make sure you’re following the correct steps to set up and use Photon in your Unity project. The documentation can help you identify and resolve common issues.

Check your Photon settings: Make sure your Photon settings are correct, including your App ID, region, and connection settings. Double-check your settings to ensure they match the ones provided by Photon.

Debug using console messages: Use console messages to debug your code and identify issues. You can use the Debug.Log() function to output messages to the Unity console, which can help you pinpoint where the issue is occurring.

Use Photon’s logging features: Photon provides built-in logging features that can help you identify issues. You can enable logging in your Photon settings and view the logs to see if there are any error messages or warnings that can help you identify the issue.

Ask for help: If you’re still having issues, ask for help on the Photon support forums or Discord server. There are many experienced developers who can help you troubleshoot your issue and provide guidance.

As for the bug you mentioned, it’s possible that there’s an issue with the way you’re setting up your networking logic. Make sure you’re correctly setting up your game objects and network views so that all clients can see each other, including the master client. You might also want to double-check the Photon documentation to ensure you’re following best practices for networking in Unity using Photon.