Hi! I am trying to use SceneManagement, but I keep getting errors.

I am trying to (using Unityscript) have the level reset after my ball falls a certain distance. I was using Application.LoadLevel and it was working until it wasn’t anymore. I got the error saying it’s obsolete. Right now, with my code as is I am getting the following error : expecting EOF, found ‘import’.

I’ve tried_

  • switching Application.LoadLevel to using SceneManager.LoadScene

-Adding both using & import UnityEngine.SceneManagement. Although I don’t
actually know where the code is supposed to go because I am a complete noob and only have the slightest clue of what I’m doing.

The blue lines represent the other spots I tried to place the code. ![80442-capture.jpg|581x353](upload://rguafwwqb7vFoczGWnV3TCwAaHI.jpeg)

Any help is appreciated!

Just move line 3 to line 5

make “import” before the variable definition