Hi, I got a newbie question on colliders.

To cut to the chase…
Am I understanding the collider correctly?
I googled around and still confused

  1. I need to use collider with rigidbody when moving something.

  2. I just need collider for buildings that will never move.

  3. No, I need collider with rigidbody in which isKinematic is turned on for buildings.

If you can tell me which is correct and not it’d be really helpful to me.
I’m constructing village in the game and not quite sure how to approach it.
I’m currently using just collider for them.
Should I attach rigidbody and turn on isKinematic for buildings?

Appreciate you time.

I assume you want to use colliders for your buildings so you know when someone walks into them. If so, then you might want a box collider around the building, and mark it as a trigger. When something walks into the building you’ll get an OnTrigger callback.