Hi, I need some help to understand things about Multi First Person Controller in the same scene.

I’m developing a game where the player has the ability to back-up itself, this will happen on his current location. The problem is that as soon as I activate the skill and create a new First Person Controller (prefab), I change control of the controller, I can not control the previous one but only the new one, and I can not move the view freely as before. What I want to do is: create the new player, make it “inactive” but visible, and once the player dies, the copy created earlier will be activated, giving the opportunity to continue the game. Can this be done?

Yes, but what you probably want to do is create a “Dummy”. Place the dummy at the backup location and have it watch for the player to die. When the player dies (and hence the old controller is destroyed), it can replace itself with a new Character controller.

Or, better yet, when the player dies, you don’t destroy it at all. You just move it to the dummy’s location and destroy the dummy. That would cause a respawn without using the memory of new instantiation on a player.

I got it, I’ll give it a try. Thank you so much, I’ve never considerated a Dummy escamotage.
Thank you.