Hi! I'm New, But That's Not My Name...

Hello, I’m Alien8ed Phreak, and I’m new here.:slight_smile:

I came from UDK and Epic Games, however I’ve decided to make an MMO, and while UDK is DEFINITELY a great engine, it just doesn’t do MMOs.

This leads me into a few quesitons:

So when it comes to making an MMO in Unity, will free Unity work? Or will I need Pro? I read through the comparison list, and everything seems alright, but I may have missed something.

How much will this cost, with servers and such?

Do you have to be 18 to do anything with servers and paying for them?

Can I just build a server?

Anyway, hello Unity people, and I hope to have as much fun a time here as I had in the Epic Forums.:slight_smile:

That’s also one of the common ridiculous questions isn’t it: Hi I’m new to [Insert platform], can I build a MMO? can I build a server? If you don’t even know if you need to be 18 to pay for a server or thinking that this or this game engine “doesn’t do MMOs”, just forget about building a MMO, come on, teams of tens of programmers work on these projects for years even for subpar MMOs, start with a small multiplayer card game or something you know. Forget your grand delusions about game developments until you have some experience with multiplayer and game making in general.