Hi there, how to add a blank space to editor.

alt text
today I working on the Editor and I wanted to know how to add a blank space to the editor window.
basically I know that we have Space but it only works on the vertical, not horizon.
or maybe I miss something?
Thank in advanced

I might be late but new users can be helped by this. You can put GUILayout.Space() before Button inside GUILayout.BeginHorizontal() and GUILayout.EndHorizontal() method.
For example:

void OnGUI () {
    GUILayout.BeginHorizontal ();
    // Everything you draw here from GUILayout or EditorGUILayout will be positioned horizontally
    GUILayout.Space (50);
    if (GUILayout.Button ("Button")) {
        // button pressed
    GUILayout.EndHorizontal ();
    GUILayout.Label ("Text...");

@Rachan, you have to write a CustomEditor or PropertyDrawer.

Thanks for replied but I never know how to use it I just want some code to put on and indent like I want.