Hi, what is the effect called?

Hello, I’ve seen some particles in Unity game engine and I was wondering if you guys could answer me how is the effect called…

The effect is from this video :

And I'm talking about the first 2 effects (red and green orbitating orbs), but to be more specific I wish to know what the effect is called that makes the particle or the effect itself , those 'clouds ' shiny, distortion kind of smokey transparent glowing thing.

I’ll attach some screenshot from the video as my words cannot describe it.

Thank you for reading and it would be amazing if you guys would take your time to tell me how it is called.


Those clouds or flames are likely pre-rendered animated texture which can be created from 3D software like Blender3D. There are tons of video tutorials on YouTube. Unity also offers some license-free flipbook textures which can emulate the said effects. After loading the texture material to your particle system, enable “texture sheet animation” module and type the correct x/y division of the flipbook texture.