Hide MeshCollider wireframe when selected

I have an object containing MeshCollider but I don’t want to see its mesh in the Scene view when I select the object (I have a lot of handles and other stuff on top of the object). I know that I can hide the standard wireframe by calling

EditorUtility.SetSelectedWireframeHidden(renderer, true);

But it doesn’t work for MeshCollider as it wants a renderer. Any other way?

Not sure when this was added but as of 4.2.0f4 you can turn the alpha all the way down on your wireframe display in Preferences. Would this work for what you’re after?

Edit > Preferences > Colors > Wireframe Active >

Move the (A)lpha slider all the way to the left.

You’ll notice my shitty helmet is selected and the rotate gizmo is active.

While this is not an immediate fix, Unity 3.4 (coming very soon) will have an option to turn on or off scene view gizmos by type (ie you can just disable the visualization of the different colliders using checkboxes).

You can do myMeshCollider.hideFlags = HideFlags.HideInHierarchy;
This prevents it from being shown in the scene