Hide part of a particle system

Let’s say I want to hide a certain part of a Particle System that is moving(hide everything below y: 5), how would I go about doing that? I tried duplicating the background but that does not really work the way I want it to.

A general way to hide part of anything is to show it using a 2nd camera, where the viewArea is chopped down.

Particle-specific methods: looking at each Particle directly can sometimes help. There’s no hide/show, but maybe you could set color to full transparent to hide them.

Or, might be able to just make it the way you want. For example, cones (I think) allow you to start particles on the wide end.

And then, game tricks in general, drop that idea and try something else. You might work hard to get a “no y less than 5” effect working perfectly, then realize some other way would look better.