Hide/Show a game object and activate/deactivate a script of another game object with one script

Hello, my intention is to make my character enter a vehicle. So I want to make the character disappear and activate three script of other game objects in only one c# script. Does anyone know how to do this?

// Disable Character
public GameObject character = GameObject.Find("character"); // For Further Activation

void switch_behave()
    character.active = !character.active; // Enable If Disabled & Disable If Enabled

    // Same Here >>> Enable If Disabled & Disable If Enabled
    GameObject.Find("other_game_object_1").GetComponent<other_script_1>().enabled =
    GameObject.Find("other_game_object_2").GetComponent<other_script_2>().enabled =
    GameObject.Find("other_game_object_3").GetComponent<other_script_3>().enabled =