Hide/Show an Array of Objects During Gameplay

Im sure this similar question has been asked, but I suppose Ill understand better in my particular situation.

I mean a pause menu that pops on and off with a keystroke. What I have are some gameobjects with scripts attached to them to display a texture. I did this because I want the textures to rotate when mouse over since its not possible to rotate a texture with GUITexture. That is all working fine. My issue is that the script Im using uses the GUI.Display method which makes the textures attached appear on the upper most of any texture and cannot not be moved back in Z space, so theyre always on the top.

There are 6 objects in all. I have set them into an array GameObject. Is there any way to just simply hide/show all of the objects at once through a script call?

Yes, you can use a for loop.

like i = 0 and as long as it is less than the length of the array, add to the loop and within it execute your Mything*.gameObject.active = false; or what ever method you would like to use to hide it.*

Thank you for your response. This definitely will work for me.