Hiding areas of Canvas in the editor?

So I’m working in 2D, and due to the way my game is coded, all UI elements have to be active at the game start so I can get them by FindObjectWithTag. However, this means they tend to get in the way by covering actual areas of the game I want to edit. I saw that to avoid the need to individually enable and disable the groups of UI elements every time I want to test something, I can use the Built-in Unity Layers Function (Top right of the editor), but for some reason the Layers don’t seem to work on the individual UI elements, only on the full canvas object, which will hide all UI Elements, which I don’t want. So is there just something I’m doing wrong here?

I’m assigning the UI elements to the layer in the inspector, but they won’t hide when I hide that layer unless I hide the whole canvas.

I opted for simply making another Canvas in the Scene and moving the UI Elements into it, since I can’t seem to find a way to get layers to work with a Canvas.