Hierarchy clears on play

Ive been using unity for years on my windows PC, and yesterday i bought a 2009 MacBook Pro so i could begin developing for IOS, i started work on a test project and pressed play, and i got an error message

i opened a new project and just had a camera in my scene, press play and the same error occurs, heres a screenshot before pressing play

Ok so after a couple of days researching my problem i have found a solution. I installed Unity on a case sensitive drive.
A simple fix is to create a new non-case sensitive image on that drive and install unity on that, making sure that you also save your projects on this image else they won’t be loaded correctly.

To create a non-case sensitive image:

  1. Open Disc utility on your mac
  2. Go File → New image → Blank image
  3. Use settings - Save as: CI-HDD.dmg, Where: Desktop, Name: CI-HDD, Size : 10GB (It doesn’t have to be this large, i did this because i know i already have a lot of projects i have to pt in here, as long as it is bigger than the size of the unity installation which i think is about 7GB you should be alright), Format : OS X Extended (Journaled), Encryption : none, Partitions : (Leave this as what it is unless you know what you’re doing, then select a partition of your drive you would lie to install it on to), Image format : read/write disc image
  4. press save wait for it to complete

After this is complete instal unity onto the new CI-HDD image you created in the installation process, Open unity and everything should work fine!