Hierarchy is blank when I reload

I’m just getting to know Unity, and I’m working through the “Make a Space Shooter” project. I’ve twice gotten to the point of starting the scripts, and found that the next time I started Unity the hierarchy was blank. Going to Open Scene has no effect; it’s like the scene was blanked out.
I saved the project, then the scene before I shut down Unity. Is this a bug? Am I doing something wrong? I want to learn this tool but it is extremely frustrating to have to redo this work for the third time with no idea why.

This is one guy’s solution: https://twitter.com/infinite_ammo/status/584687490214174720

It could be you just aren’t in that scene. Unity will sometimes reopen with a fresh new scene, even when you have several perfectly good ones it could have picked (it will usually reopen to the last scene you were in, counting scenes other projects.)

On the top bar of the window, it should say “sceneName - projectName.” See if sceneName says “New Unity Scene” (or anything except the scene name you picked.)

Then check the Project window for your scene. The icon is the little Unity cube. I prefer 1-column mode, so I can just see everything at once. If you find the scene there, double-click to open it (which is what Alucadj wrote.)

If there’s no little black&white cube there, do some testing. Drag in a cube and save the scene. Check for that new name in Project. Select File->NewScene and add some spheres. Save that, check for it. Then double click the first scene. Hierarchy should again have just the cube. Quit Unity and reopen. Check those two scenes are there and you can double-click between them. Somewhere in that process, you might figure out what you were doing wrong before.

I had either the same or a similar problem. The source project and scene were from someone else’s computer. I was using 64 bit, and the problem went away when I started using 32 bit.

So, possibly it’s an issue with the 64 bit version of Unity. (I’m not certain that’s the cause, but it’s worth mentioning what worked for me)

Maybe you installed an older version of unity on the other machine? This was my problem. Three of my scenes opened and the other 5 was blank…So i upgraded to latest version to match my laptop where i created them. Worked for me. so make sure your versions are identical. It took me a day to figure that out. Good luck. Hope this helps someone.