High memory usage playing rewarded ads on iOS

I’m getting more than 2x memory usage when displaying rewarded ads on iOS. Goes from 1GB of memory usage up to 2.5-3GBs when the ad is showing.

Is this the expected behavior?

Unity 2021.1.23f1, Mediation 0.2.1-preview.2

Hi @GoldenFoxLLC ,
Sorry for taking so long to reply, we have started investigating possible memory issues but so far we have not found anything that would explain your issue. Could you tell us which ad network(s) this happens with?

same issue, it happens when google reward ads started, no issue with unity ads


Hi @hexdecc ,
Could you clarify something for me? Did you experience this issue using unity Mediation, or Unity Ads alone? This information would help us know where to focus our efforts.

Thanks in advance :)

I dont use meditation,also I dont use Google Admob but somehow it show me google ads,

google ads is not installed, also I perceived that it is not related with google ads.it just crashed also unity ads with high memory.

Thank you for the clarification, we will check with the UnityAds team.
As for google ads, here is the answer from our engineering manager:

Unity Ads have a unified auction product which connects with 50+ advertisers/DSPs to get the best ad possible in the game. We also have a google participating in our auction in backend which means there is a possibility that admob ad is shown in the game through Unity Ads SDK. So this is an expected behavior. However you explicitly wants to setup admob at sdk level then you can control who shows ad in your game. Hope the answer helps.


Nice to hear that!
then can you close this topic? or delete.

i am continue debugging, if something I discover I will write down here.

Unfortunately I am but a simple developer, and not an almighty forum admin ;)
I will see If I can find someone who can.


Hello bro,i saw that you login today forum,
can u just help me how can fix that? because I cannot release my new app version.

I have solved the problem by disabling camera when video is active and making camera reactive after video is finish.

Hi hexdecc,
Just to confirm my understanding, you mean the in-game camera, not the physical phone camera, correct?

yeah game camera.it is very ridiculous.i dont know what is the reason.

Thank you for the info, and glad you found a workaround for now :)

Is this going to be fixed?