High Priority Collisions?

I’ve noticed that older games have projectile-based attacks, but these are really old games that can’t handle physics engines, like really old, MechWarrior2 1995 old.
Does Unity have any performance-friendly collision detection that is good for projectile-based shooting?

Edit: Slower projectiles, like DooM Plasma gun.

You would typically use raycasts for fast projectiles, rather than actual moving objects. If you absolutely need to use moving objects for some reason, use continuous collision detection. If you want faster performance than continuous collision and don’t need exact object shape accuracy, use raycasting one physics frame at a time. http://wiki.unity3d.com/index.php?title=DontGoThroughThings

If you use the projectile’s collider and make it a trigger and add a script.
And with the script you can detect if it has a citron tag or edit the hit object’s properties.