High-quality video without freezing

Hi everyone,

I know this question was asked a lot of times, but I really can’t figure out how to solve this.

I want to put a 360° video with high-quality into my game around the player, and there is no way I can find how to avoid lags. I tried placing the video as MovieTexture in my background inverted sphere, play it with VideoPlayer, splitting the video into jPeg images, take the video from an outside folder, prepare the video before displaying it … but it still does the same thing (even if I had a little improvement using the last examples), the video is playing during a few seconds and then freezes for at least 40s. This doesn’t impact the rest of the game, just the video is freezing.

I saw there is assets to solve this problem (like AVPro Video) but I really can’t spend 150 dollards into this problem.

If there is any other way to solve it, please tell me ! I really don’t know what to do ^^

I write you here my current script :

void Start()
		var vPlayer = gameObject.AddComponent<UnityEngine.Video.VideoPlayer>();
		vPlayer.url = "/Users/Name/Desktop/Video.mov";
		vPlayer.isLooping = true;
		vPlayer.prepareCompleted += Prepared;
		vPlayer.Prepare ();

	void Prepared(UnityEngine.Video.VideoPlayer vPlayer) {
		Debug.Log ("End reached!", gameObject);
		vPlayer.Play ();

Thanks a lot !

@Noden Same thing here in 2020 on Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e, when you check in update method

if (videoPlayer.isPlaying)
textDebug.text = “VIDEO IS PLAYING”;
textDebug.text = “VIDEO IS NOT PLAYING”;

it returns is playing although video is frozen!!!