high resolution texture

I have a large plane I mapped with a 13000x13000 pixels texture.
when uploading to Unity the resolution looks very low…
any idea how to go about this ?

Per default, the maximum size of imported textures is 1024x1024. You can modify this in the import settings of the texture, up to 4096x4096.

Unfortunately Unity does not support larger textures, and only very high-end graphics card actually support textures larger than that.

So your only option is to tile your texture into smaller parts and distribute them over several 4096x4096 textures (while keeping in mind that not all graphics cards actually support 4096x4096). Search the net and/or community a bit for helper scripts on how to do that (EDIT: note once imported into Unity your max size is always 4096. So either try streaming the texture from an external location (e.g., using the WWW class, but I’m not sure whether you can circumvent the import limitations with that), or you need to physically tile your texture before importing it into Unity)

Another thing are Unity Terrains. They are also limited to 4096, but here the visible resolution is determined by the “base resolution” parameter of the terrain.

Click the texture in your Project view, and change the settings. There’s a ‘max resolution’ setting; Unity is resizing your silly image to a more manageable size. :slight_smile: