High-Speed Collision (in all directions)

So I’m making an F-Zero type game, with hover cars. All tracks are flat, yet I need a rigidbody for some collision. Simple enough, I just constantly set the y value of the cars so they are floating, no need to worry about gravity… however, I need to collide with the track. The track’s sides are risen for collision, I use a mesh collider for the track and for my car I use a box collider. However the cars are going at speeds upwards of 100 with addforce. It’s simply too fast for normal collision. I’ve heard to use raycasts but I don’t really know how to do it, let alone in all directions since other cars are going to be hitting each-other knocking others into any direction. After Googling for hours I still haven’t found a complete solution.

And as a side question how do I get my cars to violently bounce off a wall like in F-Zero rather than normal collision?

Change your rigidbody options
Collision Detection:Continous Dynamic

Hope to hear your result

If you don’t want to use ray casting, make the wall colliders thicker. The thicker that wall is, the easier it is for unity to detect collision. And set the physical material of it to bouncy, so car bounce off of it.