Higher karma / reputation = no moderator needed to approve?

I love Unity Answers. I’ve been using it ever since I started programming in Unity a few years ago. Now that I feel competent at programming and using Unity, I decided to start giving back to the community that has helped me out numerous times before.

I might be wrong, but here’s the question - do people with more up-votes and higher karma not have to wait for a moderator to approve their answer?

I don’t want to make it sound like all I care about is getting up-voted, because obviously that isn’t true - the important thing is that a solution is found for everyone who asks a question. But these last few days as I’ve been answering questions, I feel like I answer them first, but then it takes up to half an hour sometimes for my answer to go through, and by that point other people with more community points than me have already had their answers posted.

If this is true, (and I do completely understand why its in place - it prevents people who aren’t as serious and who don’t really put care into their answers from trolling the feed) then that’s fine, but I did just want to bring up that it makes it harder for users similar to me, i.e haven’t really started answering questions until now, but really love this community and want to give back to it, to desire to continue answering questions.

This is not meant to sound like all I care about is credit. Its just nice to have a reward for answering people’s problems.

Yes. Please read the FAQ (linked in the right hand sidebar) for an explanation of karma, and the abilities you get at different levels.