Highlight billboard on mouseover

Hi all.

I want to highlight a billboard “On Mouse Over”. Its a .png-texture with alpha (transparent/diffuse). The texture got to remain like it is. In best case it would draw a (out-) line around the image. I can think of doing it this way: to get a copy of the texture on the fly, making it slightly bigger, arrange it behind the actual billboard and tint it in some color… Is this possible to do in a script? How? Or is there another/easier way?

Thanks a lot.

That’s surely possible in a script. By ‘billboard’ I assume you mean this is a 3D plane with a script to make it always face the camera, and not a GUI texture, right? You can also get Vectrosity from the Asset Store and draw lines with that. Or make a texture that just contains an opaque outline, transparent in the middle, and turn that on/off.