Hight pixels per value

I have high definition sprites in the game. I set pixel per unit value to 512 and now I realize that it seems to be a mistake :slight_smile:

I am woundering if the value is so huge – does it affect the performance?

The “Pixels Per Unit” value has nothing to do with quality but with size. It just means a sptite that has 512 pixels has a worldspace size of 1 unit. So when you change the PPU from 5112 to 256 it just means the sprite is twice as large. A PPU value of 1 would mean each pixel of the sprite maps to one world unit. So this is just a scaling factor.

Likewise, depending on the camera used, the camera has a certain world unit to screen pixel mapping. For an orthographic camera that is the orthographic size which defines how many world units can be viewed in the vertical direction on the screen / viewport. For perspective cameras of course the size depends on the distance from the camera.

In short: The PPU setting has nothing to do with performance or resolution of the sprites but only how large they appear in the world.