Hinge Joint 2D Breaks when moving object

Hello all.

I have created a set of hinge joints 2D that make a chain holding a platform. When I use the player to push the platform and make it swing, the chains behave correctly, without a problem - Image 1.

However, when I make a script to activate a Switch/Lever that moves the chains a little bit up, everything breaks in a weird manner - Image 2. I have tried browsing many forums and other topics, without finding a good solution to this.

Does anyone know what might be causing this annoying issue?

show your code for moving it, I think everything has to be rigidbody or it will break.

After a lot of struggle, I found a solution:

Instead of using the transform.position component to move the chains, I moved the Rigidbody2D of the top chains. This creates a smooth movement and does not break the chain.

Allegedly, moving by transform puts a lot of pressure/force on the chains, and breaks their physics. I hope this solution will help other developers as well.