Hinge Joint 2D not working when Rigidbody is Kinematic

I’m making a 2D pinball game in which the flippers are animated with a Rigidbody 2D and Hinge Joint 2D components. All works fine when the Rigidbody is set to Dynamic, but when I change it to Kinematic, the flipper doesn’t respond to input. It doesn’t rotate.

I think it’s better if the flippers were Kinematic as there’s no need for them to calculate physics. All they need to do is provide something for the ball to bounce off of, and I think they don’t need to be included in the Physics 2D calculations.

What could I be missing that’s preventing the flippers from rotating when I change them to Kinematic? Any help is welcome!

Also, maybe this matters: I’m using the motor function to move the flippers. Maybe they only work when the hinge joint is dynamic. How to rotate the flippers kinematically? Thanks.

I have almost the exact same problem and am unable to move the object by modifying the motor speed in script. Been banging my head against Google searches for a couple of days now with no luck. Below is my FixedUpdate method. I can see the speed being set on the motor of the hinge in the debug statement but object does not move.

    void FixedUpdate()
        if (isKeyPress)
            myMotor.motorSpeed = 1000;
            myHinge.motor = this.myMotor;
            myHinge.useMotor = true;
            Debug.Log("Motor Speed: " + myHinge.motor.motorSpeed);
            myMotor.motorSpeed = -1000;
            myHinge.motor = myMotor;