Hinge Joint connected to moving object - not aligned & straighten

I have two blocks with rigidbodies connected via hinge joint. First block is moving towards some direction (via rigidbody.MovePosition and rigidbody.rotation). I would expect second block to align to the direction of the first block. But it’s behaving differently (can be seen on attached video) and I don’t know why.

issue video illustration

  • Is that correct behavior of the hinge joint?
  • When it’s going diagonally, second block is “aligned” well, but not for horizontal lines - why?
  • How to configure the joint to align after the first object

Joint configuration:

Editor screenshot:

Thanks anyone for the answer.

Hello… Try to Unfreeze the Rotations

I have tried that and it doesn’t help. However, I want them to be locked and Y should be sufficient for rotation I want so I have them locked.